Friday, July 15, 2011

favorite friday: rachel's pictures

rachel is an incredible friend of mine. she has more energy than anyone i know and enough talents to keep her moving all the time- or so it seems to me. i tell her all the time if i was going to be a mom, i want to be a mom like her. one of her awesome talents is photography- i wish i could have her take all the pictures of my cupcakes! i have three favorites of the ones she has taken and that's what i am sharing this friday.
ps. she also makes a big sacrifice and takes all my practice cupcakes off my hands :)

i love the cupcake on its side, the tea pot in the back, how different it is from my usual pictures. this is one of my favorite of my cupcake pictures period. it makes me want to try different backgrounds for future cupcakes.

this one is from my first official order. it made me try different angles and close ups with all my following pictures. i don't have the camera to do the focus tricks but she still inspired me to look at my pictures with a little more flare :)

and this one is a favorite for its simpleness... shows off the cupcake from three angles. plus i love the part of the stand that is included.

when i attempt cupcakes decorated with hydrangeas i will be sure rachel and her camera are available and i have no doubt i will end up with another favorite, beautiful picture!

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