Tuesday, September 21, 2010

favorite friday: number three fits my cupcakes perfectly

Five Reasons Why Cupcakes Are More Than Just a Trend: Bobbie Lloyd

1. "Have you ever looked at a child's face when they experience that first sweet bite of a cupcake? Pure bliss."
2. "Cupcakes allow one to experience a small sweet pleasure (no major dessert commitment) that can transport you to another place for a moment."
3. "Cupcakes are just plain fun. They allow us to be silly for a moment and not take life so seriously."
4. "Cupcakes are easy to make. Anyone can become a cupcake 'expert' with a little practice and a lot of eating. You can seriously dress them up for a special occasion or keep it plain and simple."
5. "Cupcakes appeal to everyone. They are cross-generational and non-demographic. Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and the kids, no matter what country they are from, can enjoy cupcakes."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

are you ready for some football?

i love football. tailgating, wearing my team shirts (Richmond Spiders, Colts, Hokies), getting to go to a game, watching one on tv with some nachos and beer. so, of course, i had to kickoff the season with football themed cupcakes.

because the hokies had a big game and a good amount of my friends are hokies, they were the  "team" on the cupcake field.

here is a shot of the whole field

a close up of the Virginia Tech logo

this is the only picture of the field goal... i made one for both sides of the field but it was beyond humid outside and they didn't make it. i will use a completely different technique next time.

and then i always take some shots from weird angles and find one i think looks interesting

the hokies didn't win but the cupcakes were a hit!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

becky's goodbye party - airplane cupcakes

My good friend Becky is moving to Korea for a 20 month assignment as an ESL teacher. This past weekend we had a small gathering to say goodbye and I brought the cupcakes!

The actual plane will be a little bigger :) but this is a small replica of Korean airlines...

In honor of her becoming a teacher, an apple and a pencil, now she is all set!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

game night

My most recent order was for a game night which was also a birthday celebration. Specific games were suggested, one attendee loves Twister and the birthday girl was a big fan of Scrabble. The dice were just a random game thrown in and they turned out to be my favorite.

I took out some dice and lined up the dots to match, the Scrabble tiles have the true point value, and yes, that is the exact number of circles and the correct order of the colors on an actual Twister board.

If these were your tiles in a game of Scrabble you would be able to spell the birthday girls name... *

This is my new favorite picture of a cupcake I decorated!

And here are a couple more pictures from game night...

* Carla

Sunday, April 25, 2010

jordyn's birthday part 2

My friend, and Jordyn's mom's friend, Rachel lives right down the street from where the party was held and she just happens to be a wonderful photographer. She ever so nicely ran down and took some great shots of the art themed cupcakes for me. The first picture is my favorite!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

jordyn's birthday part 1

Jordyn had her 10th birthday party at a place called Art Space Studio here in Charlotte where you can paint your own pottery. She wanted cupcakes that were art themed and gave me a copy of her handmade invitations - they had a stamped "J" surrounded by splashes of paint. I took that inspiration and created the following custom cupcakes:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

dinner for dessert

I made these for a cookout during football season (go Hokies!) and the mashed potatoes instantly became the most loved cupcake I have made thus far.

one a day...