Tuesday, September 21, 2010

favorite friday: number three fits my cupcakes perfectly

Five Reasons Why Cupcakes Are More Than Just a Trend: Bobbie Lloyd

1. "Have you ever looked at a child's face when they experience that first sweet bite of a cupcake? Pure bliss."
2. "Cupcakes allow one to experience a small sweet pleasure (no major dessert commitment) that can transport you to another place for a moment."
3. "Cupcakes are just plain fun. They allow us to be silly for a moment and not take life so seriously."
4. "Cupcakes are easy to make. Anyone can become a cupcake 'expert' with a little practice and a lot of eating. You can seriously dress them up for a special occasion or keep it plain and simple."
5. "Cupcakes appeal to everyone. They are cross-generational and non-demographic. Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and the kids, no matter what country they are from, can enjoy cupcakes."

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