Monday, December 12, 2011

sal the snowman

i've been making a lot of cupcakes for birthday parties lately and realized i had nothing winter/holiday themed out there. so i quickly (oh so quickly) put together this one today.

introducing sal the snowman!

i thought he looked pretty good without arms so i took a couple pictures that way....

... but decided to add some on in the end. stills looks pretty cute :)

this picture looks like he is falling over

and this is the "set" for his photo shoot. i am silly like that :)

happy winter!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

a nijnjte themed birthday party

i'll be honest i had no idea what or who a nijnjte was... or miffy as she is known in the US. but my good friend's daughter had a stuffed one since she was a baby and wanted it to be a part of her fourth birthday party. add to that a pink and green color theme and here is what you get....

first here one picture of a nijntje found with a simple google search

(all the following pictures were with my phone so excuse the quality and angles)

so i started by creating a small version

i incorporated the green and pink with flowers and frosting

and on the top of the tower was the birthday girl's special nijntje. it had its own birthday cupcake with a candle and the very important number of the day next to it

she loved it. this was the first time i stayed at the party, normally i drop off the cupcakes before the party starts and i am in and out. but because these were friends of mine i was there when she sat down with her special cupcake. she pretended to blow out the candle, showed the stuffed version the cupcake version, and was so happy i actually got tears in my eyes. silly? maybe, but i loved that something i made was that special to someone :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy turkey day!

last year i cooked my very first thanksgiving dinner all by myself. loved it! this year i have no plans so i decided to create a different, but just as yummy, feast. two delicious things- cupcakes and thanksgiving- together? sweet!

welcome to my thanksgiving table

as you can see it's got all the classic dishes

take a closer look...

a pumpkin pie (you can see a peek of the pumpkin) and mashed potatoes with lots of butter...

green beans and sweet potatoes with lots of marshmallows...

and of course a turkey, complete with stuffing!

so grab a seat, fork and spoon, use your napkin :)

and have a very happy thanksgiving!

love, it's my treat by janice

Saturday, October 29, 2011

wendy the witch II

today i entered Polka Dot Bake Shop's ghoulish cupcake and cake contest. everyone loved the first wendy et. all so i decide to stick with the same basic design. the candy corn plate was a great find - it fit the layout i had in mind perfectly!

the only new addition was a full moon in the pumpkin patch. the pumpkins might have been my favorite part this time.

but then again, my so-cute-i-have-a-crush-on-them ghosts were back.

here is wendy the witch the second. i learned some things the first time, think she is improved (i just didn't have enough coffee in me and put her on black instead of green icing making her harder to see :)  )

so here is my entry, ready to go!

drum roll please....
(insert drum sound)

i won!! first prize, woohoo!!

here are some of my winnings: awesome cupcake/other things stand, five bags of sprinkles, two gel dyes and sparkle dust (not be the official names), two tips, wrappers, candles, and more. if you decorate, you know these are some fabulous supplies!

i was like a little kid, so proud of my "ribbon" all afternoon (ok, still am :)  ). as i have said i love halloween so i couldn't have picked a better contest to win!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

halloween... the most creative time of the year!

i love halloween.
no wait, i lovelovelove halloween.
it is the most creative time of the year between costumes and pumpkin carving and.... well cupcakes of course :) i had so much fun working on these, i was smiling all day. hope they get you in the spirit!

first off we have the pumpkins...

and then a cute ghost (i seriously have a crush on this little ghost)....

and my very first fondant figure, wendy the witch!!

wendy hangs out in small graveyards

and little pumpkin patches

i could not stop giggling while photographing these guys

but these got the best reviews from the family who got to eat them

ghosts, pumpkins, a witch.... everything you need for a sweet halloween!

is it october 31st yet? cause i am ready!

it's the most creative time of the year :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

made to order monday: a 3 year old's birthday!

flowers, butterflies, ladybugs oh my!
and pink, lots of pink!
that was the request for a three year old girl's birthday party. simple and pretty :)

lots of pink flowers....

purple butterflies with pink spots (three on each upper wing for the 3rd bday)....

love this white tower from crate and barrel. added a pink three to the top :)

hard to see the ladybugs on the tower but here they are in the carrier (also have three spots for the 3rd bday)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

long time no see!

i had to take a short break again, but i am back and can't wait to post monday's made to order! i got to be really girly and use one of my two favorite colors... pink :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

made to order monday: 40th birthday party!

another older order that i never posted.... these cupcakes were for a 40th birthday party. the order was for the cupcakes to match the decorations being used. i pulled the colors, the number 40, and "splashes" of the other colors in the background... and if i do say so myself, it was a pretty sweet match :)
note- the cake on top was provided by someone else.

one of the prettiest cupcake towers i've ever been a part of :)

here you can see the design on the tablecloth that the cupcakes were based on...

the 40 cupcakes have a lot of sparkle... you deserve lots of sparkle at 40!

 and the splashes add more colors to the tower

Friday, July 15, 2011

favorite friday: rachel's pictures

rachel is an incredible friend of mine. she has more energy than anyone i know and enough talents to keep her moving all the time- or so it seems to me. i tell her all the time if i was going to be a mom, i want to be a mom like her. one of her awesome talents is photography- i wish i could have her take all the pictures of my cupcakes! i have three favorites of the ones she has taken and that's what i am sharing this friday.
ps. she also makes a big sacrifice and takes all my practice cupcakes off my hands :)

i love the cupcake on its side, the tea pot in the back, how different it is from my usual pictures. this is one of my favorite of my cupcake pictures period. it makes me want to try different backgrounds for future cupcakes.

this one is from my first official order. it made me try different angles and close ups with all my following pictures. i don't have the camera to do the focus tricks but she still inspired me to look at my pictures with a little more flare :)

and this one is a favorite for its simpleness... shows off the cupcake from three angles. plus i love the part of the stand that is included.

when i attempt cupcakes decorated with hydrangeas i will be sure rachel and her camera are available and i have no doubt i will end up with another favorite, beautiful picture!