Sunday, December 11, 2011

a nijnjte themed birthday party

i'll be honest i had no idea what or who a nijnjte was... or miffy as she is known in the US. but my good friend's daughter had a stuffed one since she was a baby and wanted it to be a part of her fourth birthday party. add to that a pink and green color theme and here is what you get....

first here one picture of a nijntje found with a simple google search

(all the following pictures were with my phone so excuse the quality and angles)

so i started by creating a small version

i incorporated the green and pink with flowers and frosting

and on the top of the tower was the birthday girl's special nijntje. it had its own birthday cupcake with a candle and the very important number of the day next to it

she loved it. this was the first time i stayed at the party, normally i drop off the cupcakes before the party starts and i am in and out. but because these were friends of mine i was there when she sat down with her special cupcake. she pretended to blow out the candle, showed the stuffed version the cupcake version, and was so happy i actually got tears in my eyes. silly? maybe, but i loved that something i made was that special to someone :)

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