Wednesday, September 15, 2010

are you ready for some football?

i love football. tailgating, wearing my team shirts (Richmond Spiders, Colts, Hokies), getting to go to a game, watching one on tv with some nachos and beer. so, of course, i had to kickoff the season with football themed cupcakes.

because the hokies had a big game and a good amount of my friends are hokies, they were the  "team" on the cupcake field.

here is a shot of the whole field

a close up of the Virginia Tech logo

this is the only picture of the field goal... i made one for both sides of the field but it was beyond humid outside and they didn't make it. i will use a completely different technique next time.

and then i always take some shots from weird angles and find one i think looks interesting

the hokies didn't win but the cupcakes were a hit!


  1. These are seriously AMAZING! I am obsessed with cupcakes and the hokies!! :)

  2. ahhhhhhhh ditto to what michelle said! she just showed me these, how cute!! GO HOKIES!

  3. Awsome!! I'm going to make these for tomorrow's game! GO HOKIES!!