Friday, July 8, 2011

favorite friday: my toes!

after my second or third cupcake order i noticed something in my pictures.... a lovely pedicure! my photography skills leave something to be desired, i know (love when rachel takes pics for me, i'll feature my favorite pics that she's taken next friday). but i love taking a picture from above and for some reason that always includes my toes. needless to say, i check my polish before i start to bake :)

the first time i did football cupcakes for the cowboys vs. vikings... cute toes!

art cupcakes for jordyn's bday... shy toes!

game night cupcakes for carla's bday... summer toes!

goodbye and good luck cupcakes for becky... well this one is more about shoes :)
(i loved those shoes.... they broke about a week later)

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