Monday, June 27, 2011

made to order monday: yoga!

my latest cupcakes were for a potluck dinner a local yoga studio (the best in my opinion) Be Yoga holds once a month. they are vegan vanilla with vegan vanilla frosting. not overly creative, i know, but simple pleases the majority. i fell in love with one yoga mat in particular.... it inspires me to practice so i am going to need to hang it on my fridge :)

the first picture is of their logos. they recently merged with another studio so they kind of have two logos, the blue be and the purple lotus flower. they overlay the two but in this case it looked better giving each their own cupcake.

the flowers seemed girly so the vine was supposed to be for the yoga guys :)

extra mats in case you forgot yours :)

and this one is my yoga mat!

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